April 18-19, 2020

Spring Showcase

In addition to our weekly tournaments, we host Premier Tournaments on selected weekends. These are two-day events at premier facilities that will attract great D1/D2/D3 competition as the results will directly impact our Power Rankings!  We will have team trophies and individual medals  for 1st place teams & 2nd place medals for the runner-ups.  Sign your team(s) up today as spots are limited!   


Other facilities may be added to this event 


- 1st Place Trophies & medals

- 2nd Place Medals

- All Tournament Selections

- MVP Award

- 3 Games Guaranteed 


 - Vendors

- Clean venues

- Quality Officials

- Organized



Teams who are competing in our ranking events MUST complete the online roster form before their first game begins.  Teams who do not submit an online roster risk the forfeiture of their games (should a player be protested/challenged for age/grade). 


All Coaches/Team Coordinators must have proper documentation for their players (birth certificates and/or report cards) with them at the tournament. Teams who are unable to provide proof of age/grade for their players, risk the forfeiture of their games.

Only head coaches are allowed to challenge the legitimacy or eligibility of an opposing player. Fans, parents, and assistant coaches are not allowed to make an official protest. All protests must be filed before the game, at halftime or immediately after a game. But, NEVER during the game.

The team who is protesting must also be able to provide proof of age/grade for their players. In the event that a player is challenged, the team being protested must be able to provide proof of age/grade for any player(s) being questioned.  If the team is unable to provide the proper documentation (a birth certificate and/or report card) the result will be the forfeit of the game(s) in which the player participated in.

NOTE: We reserve the right to ask a protested player for their name, age, birth date and grade to confirm that it matches their documents.

If you have any issues with the table, refs or other teams, please send your assistant coach to get the tournament director at the facility. We will not talk to parents about any issues, except for equipment failure or injuries.

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